Spa Delivery System

SDS Spa Delivery System –

The complete solution for your Spa-delivery need


As a supplier of high-class spas you know all about the little problems which can happen while delivering a spa.

Now you have a perfect tool to do the job right and easily.

We proudly present our SDS Spa Delivery System, the delivery-system for the future.

Finally the times when you had to put a lot of manpower into the delivery are gone.

After 17 years of painful experience while delivering spas we decided to develop the perfect spa-delivery tool.

Thanks to the design of our SDS-system a single man is able to load, deliver and setup a spa at your customer`s place on his own!

At every delivery the SDS-System saves time and money!

On average, the SDS-System pays for itself with only 1 delivery every 2 months!

Also a big advantage of the system is that it makes deliveries a lot safer for the valuable spa and more importantly for your valuable delivery personnel.

To quote an old saying, “a tough job is easiest done, when you have the right tools”. We give you exactly these tools to do your delivery job perfectly.

Our trailer is TÜV certified and street legal within the EU.

Because the trailer frame is crafted from stainless steel, it will look perfect, even after years and years of use.

The SDS Spa Delivery System gives your Company a lot of benefits – so invest your time and money in new sales, not in the delivery of already sold spas.



SpaTrailer with integrated deliverycart

The „basic“ for your spa delivery needs!

With this street legal trailer you are able to deliver almost all kind of spas.

Because of the perfect geometry of the trailer, it even might be pulled by a compact car. You can load the trailer perfectly with a forklift or load a spa sitting on its base or even sitting on its edge!

The trailer uses leverage and gravitational force, so you are able to handle spas up to 500 kilos singlehandedly.

While driving it also holds the spa cover securely beneath the spa.

Spa cart

With help of our spa cart you can easily transport the spa sitting on its edge.

Both axles are steerable, for tight places. The 400mm pneumatic tires make handling easy, also on surfaces like grass.


A perfect help in those tight places where you cannot use another lifter. Within seconds the little helper will lift or lower the heaviest spas.


Fast and easy! Lifts spas in seconds!


Lifts and lowers your spa with help of compressed air delivered by an ordinary vacuum cleaner. You can tip a spa sitting on its edge onto the inflated pillow and lower it or even bring a spa sitting on its base to an upright position. It also works as jack for your heavy duty truck ;-)


Practical spa trolley to move the spa in place.


Helps to load a spa that is sitting on its base on the trailer.


When combined with the SpaWinch, it allows you to pull a spa directly from the trailer to a higher deck or a truck bed.

Spare tire with carrier bracket

Tension belt


SDS Trailer